If you want to add rounded corner to any kind of android view like linear layout, relative layout, button etc., follow the below method

Method 1

Create a xml file under your drawable folder with following code. (The name of the file I created is rounded_corner.xml)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <!-- view background color -->
        android:color="#a9c5ac" >

    <!-- view border color and width -->
        android:color="#1c1b20" >

    <!-- If you want to add some padding -->
        android:bottom="4dp"    >

    <!-- Here is the corner radius -->
        android:radius="10dp"   >


And keep this drawable as background for the view to which you want to keep rounded corner border. Let’s keep it for a LinearLayout

<LinearLayout android:layout_width="wrap_content"
        <TextView android:layout_width="fill_parent"
            android:text="Hi, This layout has rounded corner borders ..."

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    Thanks for the tip! It works! But I noticed that for the different screen sizes, the roundness does not stay consistent. I put the drawables in drawable-mdpi. To maintain consistency across all screen sizes do I need to modify the radius for each screen type and put those files in the respective folder, as in drawable-hdpi, drawable-xhdpi and drawable-xxhdpi ?

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      you can rather put the different radius values into different dimens.xml file in folders values-hdpi, values-xhdpi, etc or bettter use 9-patch

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    1. If you have image inside the layout that fills parent, this won’t work.
    2. background property really was meant for something else. Not rounded corners. what if you wanted a background image?

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    I am not able to add any xml file as background, and every time I get the same red alert at left side of the relative “android:background=’@drawable/rounded_corner’ ” tag. help me please

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    how to display circular image view

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    By using this way how to display circular image frame in android

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      define radius

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  • Find it helpful and really really thanks to you for this effort .

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    I have a query , I have to show rounded corner but as per the percentage of task completed like we have in naukri .com for profile completetion. how can i do that ?


    hello Ravi , I have a query . i need drawable file with rounded corners and with diagonal line in drawable file .is it possible?


    hello Ravi , I have a query . i need drawable file with rounded corners and with diagonal line in drawable file .is it possible?

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    It has a bug if you have made background color transparent

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